A quick spamy update........

I'm now stocking at a congo on hyena cart!  You can find some pretty County Cloth Creations pads stocking today at 2pm est at the Dibble Dabble Congo http://hyenacart.com/DibbleDabble  Scroll dowwwwnnnn, my shop is second from the bottom :)  Ohhh and I'm running a free (within Canada and the US) lottery for a 2 pack of velour panty liners so be sure to enter!!

I'm hoping to stock my personal hyena cart with some pads (including wool backed!) on Saturday http://hyenacart.com/CountyClothCreations   

two down one to go...

I have three sisters, my youngest sister starting using cloth about a year ago.  I just gave my older sister some cloth pads last month, she just sent me an email saying they were great and wants more!!  My middle sister is expecting a baby in Febuary and is going to try them, hopefully she likes them enough to switch too :)  

Now it's my step sister and SIL, they may take a while though ... lol

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For a good cause enabling!!

Check out this site on hyenacart http://hyenacart.com/Rachelslegalpad/ she's 13 and is making and selling mama cloth and nursing pads to fund her education.  Her sewing looks fantastic, I checked with her mom and she says they come with a snap closure (just wanted to mention it since I don't think the photos show the snaps on) the liners are $2.00 each!   

I just ordered some this morning, can't wait to get them!

'Surprise Me!' Pad Promo....

I've got some 'surprise me!' pads listed in my Hyena Cart, 8.5" are $4.50 and 10.5" are $5.00.  You also have the option of adding PUL to the core of your pad for an extra $0.25.  They'll have serged edges, these are a surprise style so I'll choose the flannels, let me know if you have a particular colour you really dislike and I'll try to avoid it ;-) 


And lots of instock in my Etsy shop


I just got back from the fabric shop..

oh my!  I just got a custom order to sew up some diapers so I had to run to my fabric shop for a few things.  I got what I needed and paid.  THEN as I was walking out I noticed a beautiful little grouping of winter and holiday flannels, they were a great price too.   I was able to walk away today, but I so badly want to go back and buy some!!!!

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Positive Feedback for unnarrator

We did a litte snaps for fabric swap.  The fabric arrived earlier this week and it's lovely!!  A really pretty flannel, I'll be using this pretty print for something special!!

thanks for the swap unnarrator !

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Teen Customs...

It makes me so happy to see young girls choosing to used cloth pads :)  I had so much fun sewing these two sets up! 

The first is for a girl who loves dragons.  They're topped with flannel, have a flannel core backed with PUL and and are backed with white microfleece.  This set is 1 overnight, 3 regulars, and 2 minis. 

The second is a starter stash, I had so much fun working with all these fun flannels and pretty hand dyed fabrics :)  This set has 6 regular size (5 flannel, 1 hand dyed bamboo), 4 10" pads (3 hand dyed velour, 1 hand dyed bamboo), and 2 mini pads (1 flannel, 1 handyed bamboo).   Again all have PUL backing on the core and no-pill microfleece on the back.

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